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Designed For Discreetness

Living life to the fullest by discreetly poo'ing              Wherever-You-Go!

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Scent2Go discreet toilet fragrance packets are designed to easily fit into your Pocket, Wallet or Purse

Whether at the office, a significant other's home or on vacation, this discreet packet will cover for you..literally! 

Scent2Go’s single-use feature eliminates the need to carry a bulky toilet spray bottle with you at all times!

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How It Works

Before Going, Simply Tear, Pour & Poo! Scent2Go fragrance formula contains a mixture of all natural essential oils

Scent2Go powder infused essential oils provides a protective fragrance barrier above the water in preventing your #2 odors from escaping into the air

S2G Packet Features

  • Natural Essential Oils

    S2G therapeutic grade essential oils (Eucalyptus, Lemongrass & Lemon) in its all natural powder contains no harsh chemicals found in aerosol and toilet spray bottles

  • Pocket Fit Design

    Smaller than a credit card, S2G slim packet is designed to seamlessly be tucked into any tight pocket, wallet or purse. Making poo'ing anywhere a breeze. Literally!

  • Travel Size Friendly

    Compliant with TSA regulations. Making traveling a breeze!

  • Leak-Proof Design

    Unlike liquid spray bottles, S2G high strength packaging preserves the natural fragrance and prevents any leakage from damaging your belongings

Customer Reviews

  • Review

    "These packets are awesome!! I purchased to take on a trip so I would not have to put a bottle of Poopurrie in my checked luggage in case of leaks" --Verified Purchase

  • Review

    "Gotta have these with you for those moments when you are needing to do a stinker in a public lavatory! These packets are handy and take care of the smell perfectly. No stress." --Verified Purchase

  • Review

    "The most convenient way to cover up bathroom smells!! I saw my co worker hiding a bottle of poopouri in her sleeve I knew I had to introduce this product to her! It is not only convenient but smells great too" --Verified Purchase


Why Scent2Go Packets?

Whether at the office, traveling or at a friends house.  Scent2Go single-use packets can be easily disposed of afterwards, eliminating the need to carry a toilet spray bottle in your pocket. You don't want to have that embarrassing feeling of leaving behind a bad situation. The premise of creating Scent2go was to find a portable, discreet and all natural scented solution to solving the issue of going #2 outside the comfort of your home. Current available toilet spray products in the market today does not allow for discreetness the way Scent2Go packets does.  Would you really want to carry a 4oz toilet spray bottle everywhere you go? Answer: Nope

How Does Scent2Go Work?

Simply Tear, Pour & GO. The trick is before going #2.  The fragrance powder dissolves within seconds once poured directly to the surface of the toilet bowl. A thin film barrier will be created above the surface of the water. When you go, the odor is trapped under the film and can’t penetrate it. Scent2Go leaves a pleasant all natural aroma and also eliminating the other nasty odors.

Can I Take Scent2go Packets on the Plane?

Yes you can! Each Scent2Go packet weighs approx. 3g,  allowed under TSA guidelines.  Making traveling a breeze!

How Do You Compare Scent2Go Packets With Everyday Air Fresheners Sprays?

Air Fresheners are ineffective because they only contribute to the foul odor and contain harsh chemicals. Scent2Go gets to the problem before it even begins. By using Scent2Go from the get-go, you can be assured of no lingering smells. Instead, you’ll be greeted by delightfully refreshing scents.

What Are the Ingredients in Scent2Go Formula?

Scent2Go powder is made up of simple ingredients mixing essential oils, baking soda, citric acid and other proprietary natural ingredients. 

Is Scent2Go Environmentally Safe?

Give your family and environment peace of mind.  Scent2Go powder fragrance is free of harsh chemicals, such as Alcohol, Parabens, Phthalates, Aerosol, Formaldehyde, Petroleum, Distillates, Ethanol, Benzene. Our revolutionary formulation all but eliminates allergic and asthmatic reactions. Give you the peace of mind while poo'ing.  

Can I Toss the Whole Packet in the Toilet?

No. The packet is not biodegradable and will clog and damage the toilet. Dispose the empty packet in nearest trash bin.

What Should I Do if I Come in Contact with Scent2Go Fragrance Powder?

Even though Scent2Go is made with all natural compounds, it's not meant for digestion or skin interaction. If digested, please call ChemTel at 800-255-3924. Most skin interactions with the powder can be just washed off with warm water and soap. If you have any allergic skin reaction from essential oils, please call ChemTel. Keep away from Children and Pets.