Story of Scent2Go

Life with IBS Crohn's

Whether I was traveling, at work or at friend's house. I always had that sense of anxiety about leaving home, since being diagnosed with Crohn's disease at the age of 16. Having Crohn's often required me to run to the bathroom multiple times a day. Walking out of the bathroom after taking care of my business was embarrassing. I tried everything to mitigate the smell. Toilet spray bottles worked, but it wasn't practical fitting a liquid bottle into my pocket. I began thinking of ways to finding alternative solutions to the bottle. This is when the idea of Scent2Go packets came to mind


A Discreet Packet...

Designed For All Pockets and Wallets 

Made up of All Natural Ingredients 

Travel Size Friendly (TSA Compliant)

Leak-Proof Design  


No one can ever say that their poo smells like "roses", but now you just might. Scent2o packets provides a discreet fragrance which is not overwhelming to the point that others would notice. Always know that Scent2go packets will discreetly get you out of those embarrassing bathroom situations    


Life with Colitis and Crohn'sSB, Boston